25 of the Best Heatless Hairstyles to Embrace This Spring

Undone, effortless hair has been a thing for as long as we can remember. Whether it be straight, silky lengths, effortlessly tousled waves or curls and coils with natural-looking bounce and definition, over the past few years, hair trends have been heavily focused on finding ways to make it look like we haven’t spent three hours styling it. The reality, however, is that it takes a whole bunch of heated tools, styling creams, and setting sprays to achieve “I woke up like this” hair. But finally, after all of the years, we have spent struggling to make our hair look effortless, uncomplicated, and heatless hair is finally a thing.

Seriously, we’re seeing it everywhere. From fashion girls to celebs, it seems that the events of the past year have pushed us all to embrace a zero-styling approach to hair. If you don’t want to take our word for it, we’ve got confirmation from the king of undone hair himself (and a Kérastase ambassador), Luke Hersheson. “Over lockdown, we’ve all given ourselves a bit of a break in terms of heat-styling. We’re generally doing less in everything. Less makeup, less hair—we’re dressing down. I think we will see that continue,” he says.

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