3 Swimsuit Trends Fashion Girls Are Skipping This Summer

Swimsuit trends can be fickle little buggers. Year after year, we watch as the world of swimwear churns out new style after new style, and this summer is no different. Since the weather hasn’t quite permitted an influx of bikini pictures on Instagram from your favorite influencers, celebs, and friends, right now is that weird, overwhelming in-between time where you’re still struggling to figure out which new swimsuit trend is right for you. Here to help guide you just a smidge are three of my favorite fashion girls, Ali Tate Cutler, Michelle Li, and Anaa Saber. 

Each of these stunning women was kind enough to share with all of you the swimsuit trends they are most excited to wear this summer and the ones they are passing on. Featuring an array of fresh new styles and some beloved classics, I have a feeling you’ll have a field day with the three swimsuit trends they’re fawning over for summer 2021. 

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