Everything You Need to Know About Having Layered Hair

When it comes to hair trends, glossy, blunt cuts have most definitely reigned supreme as of late. For the last few years, we have found ourselves swooning over glossy, glass-like lengths and adding all of the blunt bob inspiration to our saved folders on Instagram. There’s no doubt that blunt cuts have had their fair share of love. But now, there’s a new hair trend on the horizon.

With the space between our hair appointments becoming longer, high-maintenance blunt chops are on the out, and no-fuss, layered hair is back. Not only do layers give hair an undone, effortless vibe, they also help to disguise breakage and split ends. (Things that have become inevitable as of late.) And while we hopefully don’t have long to wait until salon doors reopen, we think it’s still important to consider the longevity of our next cuts and ensure we’re getting the most out of the appointments we can get our hands-on.

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