A Stylish Kitchen on a Small Budget

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Big style, small budget and a kitchen remodel? These phrases rarely seem synonymous. However, you can significantly reduce the cost of your kitchen makeover with a few smart, money-saving tips from the experts at Kitchen Magic that every homeowner needs to know!

What Is Your Kitchen’s Life Expectancy?

Start by focusing on the longevity of your kitchen’s design. Evaluate the overall color palette — do you really want bright and vibrant colors? It can be safer to lean towards calming tones for your essential high ticket items – countertops, cabinetry, and backsplash. A classic kitchen style almost never disappoints, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for many a years to come or for resale. Choosing neutral colors for your new kitchen design really can be an investment in your future!

Keep it light

Light-colored Quartz countertops are trending in home design. And, for a good reason too! Quartz is gorgeous, extremely sanitary and highly durable. According to the 2021 National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Style Report, we can expect this trend to continue for several years going forward. Now that’s some solid news!

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Discover the world of laminates

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Look for laminates and discover a whole new world of stunning countertop options from innovators such as Formica® and Wilson® Art HD. These affordable countertops are both durable and budget-friendly. The latest laminate options available include upscale marble looks, varieties of stone, a myriad of wood grains and more! Plus, the love for laminate extends into refaced cabinets and flooring.

A complete transformation with cabinet refacing

Refaced cabinets are a transformational design solution for your kitchen remodeling project. Sometimes referred to as cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing provides your kitchen with an upgraded ambiance without breaking the bank. In fact, refacing saves construction time, money and the environment. This time-efficient, budget-saving process is perfect for homeowners whose kitchen layout will remain the same.

Add a splash or dash of color

Spruce up your renovation, and add a pop of personality, with wall paint and home décor. Sprinkle a neutral kitchen design with accent walls, lighting or a dash of home accessories such as throw rugs, seating, decorative dishware and window treatments. Color trends for 2021 span from light to bright yellows, to calming Aegean Teal, to more natural and woodsy greens, to pinks and other precious jewel tones—all perfect for accents around your new favorite room!

Open some shelves

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PHOTO CREDIT: Andy Ryan Photographer, 2021 

Visually enlarge any space by incorporating a modern and functional open shelving concept. This is another hot trend among HGTV’s design celebs. The effect can visually add height to a room, maximize overall function and eliminate the cost of additional cabinet doors. Open shelves also provide an artful showcase for unique dishware, cookware and artisan pieces. Free up your space and mind with open shelves that will work with any design style, from modern to contemporary or rustic farmhouse.

Luxurious, affordable flooring

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Save money with luxury vinyl flooring that mimics fine-grained to rustic wood planks. Easy to care for and practically maintenance-free, budget-friendly vinyl is definitely worth the look. Another perk? Chic vinyl is far softer to walk on than tile or ceramic flooring.

Ask your Kitchen Magic design consultant about any of these budget saving ideas that you’d like to try! We can help you transform your kitchen in less time, with less stress at an amazing value! Schedule your free design consultation or call us at 1-800-237-0799 today!
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