Basic Kitchen Remodel Costs

Online Shop Trend Now prepping-checklist.jpg?width=800&name=prepping-checklist Basic Kitchen Remodel Costs Looking to update your home with a kitchen remodel? Concerned about hidden costs or delays? There’s no question that the time, monetary and emotional investment of remodeling a room as beloved as your kitchen can be a significant undertaking. But, if you do some thorough research ahead of time, you can ensure a smoother remodeling journey from start to finish!

Kitchen Magic is here to help ease all facets of the remodeling process – after all, we have over 40 years of experience and have remodeled nearly 60,000 kitchens for homeowners just like you! Our award-winning team can help you design and expertly install your new kitchen making sure to remain on schedule with a stress-free work flow to give you greater peace of mind.

When considering a kitchen remodel, some factors that can influence a project’s cost include your kitchen’s current size and condition, as well as your cabinetry, the desired end-result and the materials you select. For instance, granite countertops may elevate the price tag when considered over quartz, engineered stone or the latest laminate options currently available.

Other cost factors include whether existing walls, soffits, doors, lighting, the ceiling and/or floor plan will be altered, demolished or reconfigured. Here are some common questions we receive regarding the cost and timeline of a kitchen remodel. 

How long will it take to get a quote for our kitchen remodel?

Homeowners can schedule a free design consultation with Kitchen Magic and, generally, we can schedule homeowners for an appointment within one week of contacting us. Our design consultants can meet with you in-home or virtually to discuss all of the details of your project with you. Then, we can provide you with a personalized quote with prices guaranteed for up to one year. 

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What’s the best way to view materials and color options in our own kitchen?

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We bring the showroom to you! That’s right, you can make your kitchen design choices in the comfort of your home’s unique setting and lighting with Kitchen Magic. In addition, we have an inspiration gallery featuring our most popular kitchen remodels – helping you to get a better idea of what what colors and styles might work best for you. 

Can we replace just our countertops and backsplash?Online Shop Trend Now Quartz%20Countertop.jpg?width=800&name=Quartz%20Countertop Basic Kitchen Remodel Costs

Yes, many of our customers choose to update their kitchen by installing new countertops and a backsplash. This can save both time and money, while also giving your kitchen a brand “new” look and leaving you the option to update more later.

Can we expect any surprise costs added to our remodeling projects?

A price quote for your project from Kitchen Magic is a firm quote, with no hidden charges or surprise extras. We even include the cost of tear-out and haul-away of the old materials, delivery of new materials and total installation completed by our certified professionals.  

Are there additional ways to save time and money on a kitchen remodel?


Yes, be sure to ask your Kitchen Magic consultant about our exclusive cabinet refacing process! It’s a smarter solution for the environment and can be easier on your budget. Plus, we’ve gathered up the top 25 Questions to ask any kitchen contractor in our free download below – it’s a great way to compare remodeling companies and get the most out of your project! A beautiful new kitchen remodel is worth the planning and the results. For more information, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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