How much does it cost to make your kitchen ideas a reality?

Let’s be honest. The prospect of creating of your “dream kitchen” can seem like a daunting one at first. You’ve no doubt seen the extortionate prices for kitchen appliances and thought that the cost of the remainder of your room will follow suit. The price of renovating your kitchen to something more to your taste often puts homeowners off doing just that, leaving them trapped in a room that they are not entirely convinced by.

By considering some key elements of your kitchen design ideas, you can get a better handle on the overall budget needed – so you can find out if you need to start saving or if you’re ready to get started!

Here are some things to think about to find out how much you will be spending on your kitchen.

Know your taste

Many people are guilty of diving straight into purchasing a new kitchen, we understand, it’s an exciting time after all! But knowing exactly what your plans are can make the budgeting process so much easier. Are you a fan of the fancy and flamboyant? Or does a simple, minimalist look work for you? We’re asking you these questions as your preferences will largely affect the total cost of your ideal kitchen.

Barring the kitchen essentials such as kitchen units and appliances, accessories and decoration could make up a large part of your expenses. Once you have a clear idea of your kitchen vision, it becomes far easier to choose items that not only fit your budget but also fit your kitchen design preferences.

The importance of budgeting correctly

Unfortunately, at Kitchen Warehouse, we hear many stories of homeowners who have failed to budget for their grand kitchen redesign and have ultimately been left scraping the barrel after an inaccurate judgement.

This is a nightmare situation. To avoid it, you should look to weigh up the costs of all aspects of your modern kitchen design, including the expense of any services you need such as electrics, plumbing, landscaping etc. Once you have a concrete figure, you should allow yourself a certain percentage over this amount to cover for any unforeseen changes.

By securing yourself in this way, you can be reassured that you won’t be caught short mid-project, which can have you scaling back your plans dramatically and finishing up with a kitchen that fails to match up with the dream vision you started with. And where’s the fun in that?

Getting great value for money

One of the keys to making sure your dream kitchen ideas are implemented without a financial hitch is to look for value in the market – and there is no better place to do this than with Kitchen Warehouse! We specialise in the production of cheap kitchen doors and units for you to complete your kitchen look. Our variety of styles, colours and finishes, meaning you can get the best value for money options out there, and therefore focus on spending big on other areas of your kitchen.

Make sure you browse through our full online shop today or visit our Ripon based showroom to take a look at the range for yourself!

Get in touch with Kitchen Warehouse today

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