Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022

Not Only Blue, Sapphires Come In Every Hue!

Yes, you read it right! 

Today, Sapphires are some of the most loved gems by women and men alike. And yet, when one thinks of a Sapphire, they envision the enchanting hue of deep blue or the vibrant medium blue shade of the eclectic and trendy Ceylon Sapphires.

Well, all you Sapphire lovers and September babies are in for a surprise- Sapphires come in almost every hue you can possibly dream of!

This exciting fact has paved the way for an awe-inspiring category of jewelry that is the ultimate combination of color and sophistication and, in popular opinion, termed as the G.O.A.T (Greatest Jewelry of All Time) of all jewelry Rainbow Sapphires!

This blog shall throw light on the sparkling charm, poise, and beauty of Rainbow Sapphire jewelry and show you how to style it perfectly. 

You shall also discover a bonus pot of gold at the end!

The Colours!

Our Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry Collection comprises hand-set Sapphires of every color present in a rainbow; VIBGYOR

The silken transition of cool to warm hues encapsulates the best of all seasons, making Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry your go-to choice all year round.

Sapphires of colors other than the signature deep blue shade are called ‘Fancy Sapphires.’ They get their lovely hues from mineral traces in the stone. These hues stand the test of time and will awe you for eternity.

Violet Sapphires are the mouthwatering icy pink color of delectable ‘Jolly Rancher’ like candy. Their soothing light and clear pastel hue is like a sweet melody on a cold morning at the beach.

Stare long enough at the light purplish pastel shade of Indigo Sapphires, and you shall feel the soft and slippery texture of silk on your fingertips.

You feel yourself getting lost in the incredible depth of the ocean when you look at the Royal Blue Sapphire. Its enthralling gleam mirrors the stunning sight of the sun rays reflecting off of the ocean’s undulating surface. 

You can smell the goodness of a fresh green meadow when you look at the invigorating hue of Green Sapphires. Summer is upon us!

Radiant Yellow Sapphires signal the onset of cheerful spring with bright sunshine lighting up your backyard. Colors and smiles are just everywhere!

The fiery saffron hue of the Orange Sapphires lights up white clouds in the evening sky during sunset. Leaves are tinged with beautiful orange, and their delicate crunch announces the onset of fall.

Striking Blood Red Sapphires emanate fierce passion and stand for undying love. They signal the end of autumn, only for the cycle to start all over again. 

These colors are captivating enough by themselves but imagine all of them intricately placed on you! You will not be able to look away just like the rest of the people around you!

Why Do Rainbow Sapphires Make Great Jewelry?

Rainbow Sapphires encompass such a broad spectrum of colors that they compliment all the different colored outfits you own. You don’t need to break your head over matching colors anymore. Just wear them all in your jewelry!

Rainbow Colors have recently become a universal symbol of open and honest expression, courtesy of the LGBTQIA+ community who have gotten their long-overdue recognition and acceptance in society. The vivid colors of Rainbow Sapphires let you express your inner wild and vibrant side openly. This quality coupled with their unparalleled aesthetic appeal and sophisticated elegance, make Rainbow Sapphires some of the finest choices for jewelry.

Benefits And Healing Properties

Rainbow Sapphires come with their golden pot of a wide-ranging list of benefits and healing properties that have made the September Birthstone one of the most sought-after gemstones of this day and age.

Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry combines the properties of all its fancy Sapphires. Wearing Rainbow Sapphires is believed to cure various diseases like rheumatism and colic and mental illnesses like tension and mental confusion. They are even used to treat alcoholism and kidney problems and are known to boost the immune system.

Astrologers recommend these exclusive gems to those desiring financial stability and successful careers. These stones are believed to bring fame, wealth, health, and prosperity to the wearer.

How To Style Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry Perfectly

What to wear them with?

You can pair your opulent Rainbow Sapphire jewelry with absolutely any color of outfit. These tasteful gems can uphold the poise and elegance of your formal attire while also sprucing up your casual pared-back combinations. 

Rainbow Sapphires shall make a surreal combination with your classic black evening dress or a white day gown.

You can pair it with your relaxed shirt and shorts combos at a beach party as well!

When pairing your colored gowns with Rainbow Sapphire tennis bracelets like the Ahearn or eternity rings like the Doreen, make sure to position your jewelry such that the colored Sapphires that match your outfit are right on top. 

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Online Shop Trend Now doreen_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022



Black Gold: The craze of the season across all jewelry and genders is the bold and sexy black gold. This metal shall especially suit rainbow Sapphires since the contrasting opaque black background will accent the sparkling colors and enhance their radiance and throw. 

The sublime rainbow colors stand out beautifully in the Hadlee eternity ring and the Yaritza tennis bracelet.

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Online Shop Trend Now yaritza_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


White Gold and Platinum: If you love your rainbow colors and do not want to add any more bling, go with white gold or platinum.

 The Lija Ring brilliantly exhibits color and gleam accentuated by its white gold borders.

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The Sharon Necklace in lustful platinum shall light up your beautiful neckline.

Online Shop Trend Now sharon_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


Yellow Gold: If your bling quotient knows no limits just like your confidence, add the bright yellow shine of gold to make your piece even more exclusive. 

The Parfait Necklace stunningly displays the Rainbow Sapphires in graduating sizes from top to bottom, with the brightness of gold enhancing the effect.

Online Shop Trend Now parfait_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


The Rainbow Sapphire tennis bracelet Zainab in gold will brighten up your wrist and make a stunning first impression.

Online Shop Trend Now zainab_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


Rose Gold: For a more subtle and trendy feel opt for the feminine elegance of rose gold with your Rainbow Sapphires. This metal shall accent the delectable pastel hues as well as the warmer shades of the fancy Sapphires.

The Claudia necklace in rose gold will gracefully accessorize your Sweetheart Neckline gown.

Online Shop Trend Now claudia_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


Its subtle glow makes rose gold an outstanding choice for your vibrant Rainbow Sapphire earrings like the Darries. This pairing shall light up your face beautifully.

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Accenting your Rainbow Sapphires

The vivacious burst of rainbow colors can be further accentuated by diamond accents while maintaining the elegance and sophistication of the piece. 

The Elqan eternity ring has peripheral rows of pavé diamonds that ensconce the vibrant color between their scintillation, thus deepening the color concentration and making the fancy Sapphires stand out.

Online Shop Trend Now elqan_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


The exquisite touch of milgrain or filigree shall accentuate your jewelry’s design manifold.

The Kara hoops exhibit a fine vintage feel with their intricate milgrain detailing that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Rainbow Sapphires.

Online Shop Trend Now kara_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


Special design structures like the infinity hoop in the Adalyn Necklace attach meaning and significance to your piece, giving you something to talk about while you flaunt it. This adds personality to the aesthetic beauty of the Rainbow Sapphires, making your jewelry even more appealing.

Online Shop Trend Now adalyn_optimized Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Sapphires in 2022


A Bridge To Your Soul

Well, we are at the end of this blog, and as promised, it is now time to unveil your bonus – The Pot of Gold!

Your jewelry has a direct connection to your soul and is an expression of your innermost being, so…

The pot of gold is none other than your beautiful golden soul Your most valued treasure!

A rainbow is just nature’s colorful smile- depends on how you look at it! Add the charming color and grace of Rainbow Sapphires to your life, and notice how you won’t be able to stop smiling!

To customize your Rainbow Sapphire jewelry or to look for more options, reach out to our experts here. We are waiting!

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