How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance

Do you wear a ring or rings? 

Have you ever stopped to think about what this small, circular, seemingly trifle object speaks about you to those around you?

If not, do not worry, you are a part of 97% of the male population and need this blog more than ever! 

As a stylish and ring-espousing gent, knowledge about ring-wearing etiquette gives you an edge and helps you to perfect your style.

Here is our take on the art of wearing rings for men.

The Lords and Their Rings – A History

Men and rings go back a long way!

Historically, men wore rings as a sign of wealth and power in society. Royals and men of status could afford the expensive metals and gemstones and thus, flaunted their status and position in society in a time when costume jewelry wasn’t a thing. 

These rings had special uses:

  • Signet rings– Used as Tools of State and personal identifiers by Emperors or esoteric organizations in ancient culture. A power possession of the rich and wealthy, embossed with their family crests. 

The magnificent Aanya’s intricate filigree and oval opulence make it a perfect signet ring.

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  • Seal Rings– Personal signature for agreements and bonds when pressed into hot wax, to seal a deal the ancient way!

Cultural Influence

Types of rings and their symbolic placement on the hand differ for different cultures

The uses of rings in specific cultures played a key role in developing their symbolism. For example, Asian Bowmen wore rings on their thumbs for protection while shooting arrows that resulted in the thumb ring’s association with bravery and high status in society.

Certain types, like Fede or Claddagh rings, are territorial and carry special symbolism. The Axe Claddagh Ring beautifully displays its rich Irish heritage.

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5 Rules to Wearing Rings for the Modern Man

Stylish men and rings go hand in hand – quite literally

Today, rings are fashion statements– worn for decoration or personal expression. Use these rules to wear your rings better, and consequently, add depth to your personality.

Rings Send a Message

Your ring is the link to your soul and speaks more about your personality than you can imagine! 

People often pick up on direct or subliminal cues from your ring. Especially in conservative environments, you want to make the right impression with your ring!

A deeper understanding of this rule will help you control and send across the intended message.

Finger placements and ring types are crucial in encoding the message. The gorgeous Barrett makes a bold statement and associates confidence and flamboyance with the wearer. The sober Jermaine, etched with significant text, shows that he wears his heart on his sleeve. 


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Online Shop Trend Now jermaine_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Gemstone symbolism adds to the message you are conveying. Choose them better with this guide. 

Pro Tip– Create a unique personal style that catches people off guard to serve as a point of interest in any conversation. People always notice unfamiliar things. For example, wear your wedding ring on a different finger, backed up with an interesting explanation, and see how people gravitate towards you. 

You can profile yourself in a certain way with your rings to make the desired impression on a specific client while trying to crack a business deal.

Wear Confidence Along With Your Ring

Confidence isn’t always about making a bold statement, but being bold about the statement you make! 

Whether flashy or subtle, be confident about your style since people mirror your feelings about your ring. Men’s diamond rings like the scintillating Case, make a confident statement and an attractive first impression.

Online Shop Trend Now case_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


If you are a novice or trying a new ring, wear it around the house to get used to its weight and feel. If you are generally conservative and prefer plain gold or silver bands, gain confidence with the initial touch of a gemstone like in the Ambrose. Wear it around friends and family initially to get used to comments and reactions to your ring.

Online Shop Trend Now amrose_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


If there is a personal anecdote or touching experience behind your ring, prepare it well because an appealing story always makes your personality more appealing! For example, if your ring is a holiday souvenir, use it to regale them with the tale of you backpacking across Europe last summer!

Pro Tip– If it’s not you, it should not be on you!


While choosing your ring, pay attention to the physicality of your hand.

Proportionality adds aesthetic pizzazz to your ring experience.

Large rings go well with large hands, while smaller rings suit smaller hands. Similarly, thin dainty fingers should wear thin compact rings, while larger and fuller fingers can sport chunkier rings. 

Men’s ring sizes vary from 5mm to 8mm in width, the average man preferring 5.5-6.5mm. Find your correct size and even measure your finger yourself using our special size guide

If you have large hands but are picky about comfort or engage in routine physical activity with your hands, opt for comfort fit bands.

Customize your ring according to your build to add that extra touch of perfection. Write to our jewelry experts for the perfect fit.

Pro Tip– The word ‘proportion’ has pro in it!


Balance is sexy!

While wearing more than one ring is acceptable and fashionable, it can be tricky. Strike a perfect balance with the number of rings you wear and their placement. 

Balance your rings with your other jewelry like bracelets and watches. If you are frisky and endorse combinations of large and small rings like the stunning Ramon and the sleek James, pair the larger one with your watch on one hand and the smaller one with your bracelet on the other.

Online Shop Trend Now ramon_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Online Shop Trend Now james_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Don’t stack up all your jewelry on one hand, while leaving the other hand empty since this indicates chaos and instability. Evenly distributing your jewelry is aesthetic, mirrors your inner harmony, and projects a well-rounded personality.

Pro Tip– The rule of thumb is to not wear rings on consecutive fingers, with a maximum of two rings per hand. 

Match Your Metals

First, pick your metal right. Warmer skin tones with no visible veins prefer the brightness of gold, while cooler skin tones prefer silver or platinum.

The outrageously bold and sexy black gold is the Cadillac of men’s jewelry. Pair it with black diamonds for your weekend outing or a black-tie event. No wonder men are going crazy over it this season!

Now, match those metals! It adds an essential finishing touch and is the fine line between class and crass. Matching colors is also acceptable; for example, pair white gold with silver.

Match your belt buckle and watch with your jewelry to look your coordinated best!

Pro Tip– Two tones like in the intricate Lantana are acceptable and look sexy as hell! Maintain the two tones uniformly throughout your ensemble. For example, gold and silver rings can match your gold and silver watch and so on.

Online Shop Trend Now lantana_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Symbolism and Significance  

If you wear rings purely for style (other than your wedding ring!), it is important to understand the symbolism associated with their positioning on your hands.

You can use the law of attraction and position rings accordingly to manifest the desired qualities and energies in you.

Let’s understand the meaning and personality interpretations associated with ring placements.

Dominant Hand

The ‘Active’ hand displays parts of your personality more openly, and rings here will be more noticed. These rings relate to a conscious thought process.

Passive Hand

Rings on the non-dominant hand or ‘Mental’ hand display personality traits, which the wearer may not consciously realize about himself.


  • Astrological association– Water God, Neptune.
  • History– The ‘bowman lore’ has associated this finger with bravery.
  • Symbolism– Character. 
  • Significance– Rare and unusual, they represent an assertive and creative personality. 
  • Style– Broader and larger already to fit the thumb, so don’t go too extravagant. Keep them bold but simple.
  • RingsMicolette, Merritt
Online Shop Trend Now micolette_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Online Shop Trend Now merritt_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Pinky Finger

  • Astrological association– Mercury, God of wealth, good fortune, and eloquence.
  • History– Generally bears family crests. A favorite of the charming mafia bosses.
  • Symbolism– Intelligence and Persuasion.
  • Significance– Negotiation skills, communication skills, strong intuition, and listening skills.
  • Style– On the edge of the hand, thus these are statement rings and attention grabbers. Go flashy or subtle, depending on your preference.
  • RingsDestini, Jamie.
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Online Shop Trend Now jamie_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Index Finger

  • Astrological association– Jupiter, King of Gods
  • History– For the elite class like Kings and Senators. Denoted specific family status.
  • Symbolism– Power and Authority. 
  • Significance– Leadership qualities, high self-esteem, and confidence.
  • Style– Pointer finger, hence prominent position and emphatic statement. Most men choose this out of habit and comfort. Best position for class rings and membership rings.
  • Rings– The in charge Benton, the charismatic Karisma.
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Online Shop Trend Now karisma_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Middle Finger

  • Astrological association– Saturn, Father of Jupiter.
  • Symbolism– Balance and Responsibility because of its central location.
  • Significance– Wisdom, a serious outlook on life, and a strong moral compass.
  • Style– Largest and boldest finger. Sturdy and ‘manly.’ Can hinder manual tasks and writing, so keep it dainty and compact.
  • Rings– The symmetrical Jean, eternity band Keith.
Online Shop Trend Now jean_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Online Shop Trend Now keith_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Ring Finger

  • Astrological association– Apollo, God of romance, music, and poetry.
  • History– Finger of the wedding band! Usually worn on the left ring finger.
  • Symbolism– Unbroken vein on the left ring finger called ‘Vein of Love’ leading directly to the heart, thus symbolizing an eternal bond. Celebration of Love.
  • Significance– Associated with the Moon, signifying creativity and beauty.
  • Style– Apart from the obvious wedding band, unmarried men can wear promise rings or extravagant gemstone styles. The epitome of elegance, everything goes on this finger.
  • Rings– Couples’ matching Ophelia, the elegant Dustin, Ariona Claddagh ring.
Online Shop Trend Now ophelia_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Online Shop Trend Now dustin_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


Online Shop Trend Now ariona_optimized How Should Men Wear Their Rings? Symbolism and Significance


A Beautiful Journey

Your style statement is always a work in progress. Once you understand your ring better, your relationship with it is a beautiful one!

Use your ring as your foremost ally. Trust and love it, and it shall make you feel different. 

Choose your perfect ring companion from our extensive range at Diamondere.

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