Long-Distance Proposal Ideas That Will Guarantee They Say Yes!

So, you and your significant other have been together for a while, and you’re getting ready to pop the big question. You’ve talked about getting married for some time now, and it seems like the right time to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve even picked out the perfect engagement ring that you know they will absolutely love. The Antal Ring is one of our personal favorites!

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Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic, global lockdowns and ever changing travel restrictions are keeping you two apart for longer than either of you had had planned, or indeed either of you wanted. Of course, you could always wait till things settle down and you can ask the all important question in person, down on your knees and see your partner’s reaction right in front of you, but if there’s a special date coming up that you want to take advantage of, or you just can’t wait to be engaged to the person you love, here are some ideas for making a long-distance proposal as special as one in-real-life can be, and making the moment a memorable and special one that you can both remember for the rest of your lives together. 

While the possibilities for a proposal are endless, whether virtual or in-real-life, there are a few important points to consider while planning your big moment so that things go smoothly when the time comes. Apart from the obvious details like picking out the perfect engagement ring, make sure you really understand what kind of proposal your partner would want. If your significant other is not a big fan of the spotlight and doesn’t like large public spectacles, a fancy proposal surrounded by 300 of your closest friends and family might not be the right way to go. They may be more comfortable and happier with an intimate, private proposal and the chance to break the news to their nearest and dearest in their own way with a celebration at a later date.

However, if they love big events, getting dressed up and a good party, you can absolutely go all out and surprise them with a Broadway-esque extravaganza. 

Secondly, decide whether you want to propose via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or whatever medium you use to communicate, if you’re going to arrange to meet them (by design or as a surprise) somewhere or if you’re going to get creative and have them figure it out on their own, and then see if you are going to need some help to pull it off. Get some help from friends, family or local business in their location to help make your proposal perfect.

Ok, so you have all the basics in place, you’ve chosen a ring their going to love (check out our wide selection of engagement rings) , are sure they will say yes, and have some idea of ‘where’ you want things to go down, so here are some ideas that you can choose from to guarantee that your partner will be excited to say ‘I do!’

1. Propose at a virtual date night 

The Covid-19 pandemic has pretty much ensured that we have all become experts at virtual dates, and a long-distance relationship means you’re probably more proficient than most. Invite your significant other to a special virtual date, make sure they get dressed up and set a romantic mood with candles and music. You can even get someone in their family involved to film their reaction when you get down on one knee and pop the question! The Belina Ring is the perfect symbol of your love.

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Bonus points if you arrange to have their favorite meal delivered in time for the date, and if you have the chance to get someone to slip the ring into the dessert so it’s there for them when you ask.

2. Plan a scavenger hunt 

This one takes a lot of planning and definitely needs some co-conspirators on board but if your partner loves games and adventure, a scavenger hunt around their home (or their town if you can pull it off) ending with either you in real life (surprise!) or virtually via video chat or even a picture of you down on your knees asking them to marry you in a fun way to start your lives together.

Get a friend to plant clues in places your partner won’t find until you direct them to the first one and then send them a package with a message and the first clue. You could even tell them you think you left something behind the last time you were visiting so they don’t know it’s a game until they find the first clue.

A special touch would be to either make the clues wedding/marriage themed or have the last clue take them to a jewelry store where you’re waiting on a video call for them to pick out the perfect ring. You can even design your ideal ring together using our design and customisation service so your engagement ring is as unique as your love. 

3. Say it with flowers 

Or chocolates, or pizza. Arrange with a friend, family member or local business in their town to send over a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flowers with a loving message and a note asking them to marry you. You can also put the question in a box of their favorite chocolates, or ask their favorite local pizza place to deliver their favorite pizza with ‘Will you marry me?’ on the inside of the box, because who can resist pizza?!

4. Let the words speak

A book works wonderfully for a proposal if your significant other loves to read. 

Find a copy of their favorite book (you can make it extra special with a first edition or beautiful had bound version) and highlight the words ‘Will’ ‘You’ ‘Marry’ and ‘Me’ at different points throughout the book (You will have to choose a book with the word marry in it). You can highlight the words when they first appear or make it more challenging and pick them scattered at random intervals throughout the book. 

Another way to use a book and turn it into a lifelong keepsake is to have a section specially hollowed out somewhere in the middle, just the right size for a ring box. If it is possible, you can place the actual engagement ring in a box inside the hollowed out section, but in case you can’t get the actual ring to their location and get someone to help with it in time, a ring box that opens with a message asking the question will have its own special significance too. This vintage inspired Diane Ring will make her feel just like one of the heroines of her favorite romance novels.

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5. Plan a flash mob

If your partner loves all things big and bold, like this exquisite Aurel Ring, a flash mob is a creative way to ask them to marry you. Recruit friends and family in their town, or hire a professional dance squad for the job. Find out where they’re going to be at a particular time, choose their favorite song (or a song about proposing to someone you love) and hit it! 

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The dance can end with the dancers holding up a sign saying ‘Will you marry me’, or a phone, with you on a video chat to ask the question yourself. If you can make it there in person, show up at the end of the flash mob and go down on one knee! 

6. In real life

We know this isn’t really a long distance idea, but what other way to make this special moment even more special than by being there in person to ask the person you love to spend the rest of their lives with you?  If your significant other loves surprises, plan a trip to visit them without their knowing and ring the doorbell down on one knee with the ring in your hand. That way you have the rest of your visit to celebrate together.

If surprise isn’t their thing, plan a trip together, to their hometown, or yours, or to a place where the two of you have been wanting to go for a while. Plan a special date during your trip with all the romantic details, music, flowers, chocolate and candlelight. Or if adventure and adrenaline is more your speed, plan a hike to a scenic spot, go skydiving, scuba diving or ziplining and pop the question.  Make sure you have a photographer around to capture the moment for posterity.

However you decide to propose to your long-distance partner, remember that details are essential and make sure to plan everything so that everything goes off just right!  Check out our gemstone guide or  write to our designers for help in planning your perfect proposal.

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