Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

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The year was 1890 when our ancestors first began the legacy that is now known as Diamondere. 

Our grandfathers were artists—inspired by the jewelry and custom designs of the late 1800s. Originally, their unique fine jewelry designs were created exclusively for royals, celebrities, and dignitaries. 

Today, we’re thrilled to be able to broaden our reach and share our family’s custom jewelry legacy with every buyer. Custom jewelry brings elegance and romance into our daily lives. We truly believe everyone should have access to high quality handcrafted fine jewelry. 

Our roots continue to inspire our designs and ideas at Diamondere in 2021. 

That’s why we create royal-inspired jewelry designs at an affordable price. 

Here, we’ve pulled our favorite royal jewelry inspirations from around the world and paired them with just a few of the pieces we carry at Diamondere. 

This is the moment you become the royal you really are. 

Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Halo Ring

There’s so much royal history behind Kate Middleton’s iconic engagement ring. The ring was originally inspired by Queen Victoria’s famous sapphire brooch—a piece which dates all the way back to 1840.

When Prince Charles saw a similar sapphire stone ring in a jewelry catalogue, he bought it for Princess Diana as her engagement ring. Unlike most royal jewelry pieces, this ring actually wasn’t custom designed and could’ve been purchased by anyone at the time. 

But who can blame him? It’s no secret that the royals love a good sapphire— and this particular one is surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds. 

The engagement ring was inherited by Prince William, who used it to propose to Kate in 2010. It began an influx of new jewelry trends that continues on more than ten years later. 

Halo rings and colorful stones simply will not go out of style—and we’re obsessed!

Kate is the namesake for our popular style, the Middleton Ring

Online Shop Trend Now MIDDLETON Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Middleton Ring

It’s a cushion-cut sapphire with white gold metal and 14 diamonds surrounding the precious stone. 

As always, high quality is our specialty, so you may select the AAAA quality sapphire—within the top 10 percent of sapphires available on the market. Or upgrade to an Heirloom Sapphire (top 1% of sapphires available). 

Signet Rings

We love that fine jewelry allows modern people to follow traditions that date back thousands of years. 

Signet rings have been around since Ancient Egypt and are even mentioned in the Old Testament. They have been used by royals in place of the modern-day signature and as a symbol of their family line. 

Today, signet rings are a fashion statement for gentlemen

They can be made with a family crest, inscribed with a special message, and then passed down to children as a family heirloom. 

Prince Charles is often seen wearing his signet ring that features his family crest and the words “I serve”, to remind him of his service to the crown.

Seal your family’s legacy with our top signet ring choices:

  • The Brett Ring in topaz
  • The unique star-shaped Lois Ring in blue diamond.
  • A custom signet ring. Ask us how to include your family crest.
Online Shop Trend Now BRETT Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Brett Ring

Online Shop Trend Now LOIS Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Lois Ring

An Aquamarine Necklace and Earring Set

Brazil’s lavish gift to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 became a regular part of her regal wardrobe. The matching fine jewelry set was a coronation present from the country’s president and the people.

Over the years, it’s become a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II and has been worn to a number of functions. She even commissioned a matching tiara. 

Aquamarine is a complementary color to any skin tone and goes nicely with a blue or black evening dress. 

To channel your inner Elizabeth II, consider a necklace like The Gilbert Necklace and Jillesa Earrings—teardrop aquamarine stones surrounded by accent diamonds. 


Online Shop Trend Now GILBERT Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Gilbert Necklace

Online Shop Trend Now JILLESA Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Jillesa Earrings

A Tiara Inspired Ring

Sadly, tiaras aren’t modern-day wear for the average American. Heavily jeweled custom tiaras are widely worn by royals, though, and remain the inspiration for jewelry trends around the world. 

If you want to transport yourself into full princess-mode, we recommend one of our tiara inspired rings. They are elegant and regal without the heaviness or upkeep of an actual tiara crown. 

We personally love the Rabin Ring with pear-shaped diamonds, reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite tiara

Online Shop Trend Now RABIN Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Rabin Ring

The Pamli Ring has a regal crown shape and can be customized with any accent stone of your choosing. Rubies and sapphires are favorite stones of the royals. 

The Kailani Ring gives us all the vintage and regal vibes. It includes 42 round-cut SI diamonds with a white gold band. 

Online Shop Trend Now KAILANI Modern Fine Jewelry Inspired by Royals

Kailani Ring

Gemstone Clarity Fit for a King

At Diamondere, gemstone quality is our top priority. 

We create our jewelry from the finest AAAA gemstones. This means, fine jewelry pieces handcrafted by our team are made with the top 10% quality gemstones in the world. 

You may also upgrade to Heirloom quality gemstones, which are amongst the top 1% of gemstones in the world.

Blemishes are non-existent and jewels are cut to perfection, with cuts and style suggestions to get the best shimmer from your piece. 

Royal jewelry is the foundation of our legacy—so you can be certain your jewels will be suitable for kings and queens. 

Check out our gemstone quality guide to see exactly where our gems are mined.  

A Custom Royal Piece

Royals have countless rules to follow when it comes to jewelry and fashion. However, some royals have become well-known for breaking the mold. Lady Diana and Meghan Markle are both famous for abandoning royal customs in favor of their own preferences. 

In doing so, they have both set jewelry trends on fire with their impeccable taste.

Become a trend-setter or create a custom jewelry piece inspired by Meghan or Diana. Choose your preferred stone, metal, and cut. Or write to our designers to ask about the tiara replica you’ve been dying to wear. 

Which Royal Will You Be?

Some royals embrace their lavish side.

Some follow every convention.

And some break every rule. 

There are royals who seek to influence, and royals who like to stay out of the spotlight. Whatever piece you choose, we hope your new fine jewelry helps you embrace your regal self.

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I have worked in the jewelry industry for over 15 years. I began my career designing jewelry and then started hand-crafting it myself. Over time, I realized that customers today while customizing their jewelry or picking out an engagement ring, could benefit greatly from the wealth of experience I have in this industry. Today, I love helping customers and in a small way, be a part of their emotional journey (since every jewelry purchase for me is an emotional experience).

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