New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear

Our collection of men’s luxury jewelry just released—and we couldn’t be more obsessed. 

Signet rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and more are all available to be chosen and customized.

The Beginning of Men’s Jewelry Trends

It’s hard to imagine now, but men were the original wearers of jewelry. 

In ancient times, jewelry was fashioned out of the bones, feathers, and hides of animals that were hunted. 

Men’s jewelry was used as a form of currency, a symbol of great wealth, or to send a message with the insurance of the author. 

As humanity became more sophisticated, signet rings began to take the place of other jewelry. 

Ancient Egyptians wore them to show their status. They were often buried with the gold and silver pieces that adorned them during their lifetime. 

How Men’s Jewelry Is Viewed Today

Over the years, men’s jewelry has been the peak of sophistication, as well as a controversial luxury. 

In the 20th century, men wore dark purple and black gemstones in coat pins, pocket watches, and as cufflinks. Jewelry wasn’t mass made, so many of the items worn were commissioned by men of high standing. 

Then, men’s jewelry fell off the map. It needed time to collect itself and come back even brighter than before. 

In recent years, men’s jewelry trends have risen from the dead, soaring into magazines and social media feeds. 

Iconic men like Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet, and more can be seen fully decked out in piles of gemstones. 

Today, there are no restrictions on the types or colors of jewelry men can wear. Choose what makes you feel the most yourself. 

3 Steps to Wearing Luxury Jewelry

If you’re new to fine jewelry, you may be wondering how to wear it and what to choose. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

1. Choose a Gold that Suits You

Surprise—men’s jewelry comes with more gold options than women’s! At Diamondere, most of our men’s jewelry can be customized with yellow gold, white gold, silver gold, rose gold, black gold, or even blue gold. 

You’ll want to choose your gold color based on a few things:

  • The clothes you most regularly wear and how you would like your jewelry to match.
  • Any featured gemstones within the jewelry piece and how they complement the gold color.
  •  Your overall budget for this piece and future jewelry.

2. Select a Gemstone

Selecting a gemstone is the most exciting part of shopping for men’s luxury jewelry. The world is your oyster. 

But if this is your first piece of fine jewelry, you may be looking for some guidance. 

Some of our most popular stones for men’s jewelry include black diamonds, white diamonds, opals, Ceylon sapphire, iolite, and topaz. 

Browse our men’s collection by stones to see which one is your favorite. 

Men’s Jewelry Options without Gemstones

One unique thing about men’s jewelry is that some styles prefer to have no gemstones at all. 

Instead, they are fashioned fully out of stunning gold. You can choose a special design, like a plain ring band or signet ring, which focuses on the shape and color of the ring instead of a gemstone.

The Idelle Men’s Ring is a great example of this style. You can also choose from options like the Nile Men’s Ring or the Kylie Men’s Wedding Band. 

Online Shop Trend Now idelle_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


Online Shop Trend Now nile_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


Online Shop Trend Now kylie_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


3. Order the Jewelry For You

You’re ready to purchase your first piece of men’s luxury jewelry

When ordering, feel free to consult one of our jewelers with any questions you may have about gemstone sizes,  gold karat weight, and more. 

Before you order, ensure you know your ring size or bracelet size. Consider having your piece engraved with poetry, song lyrics, or a love note. 

Diamondere’s Best Men’s Luxury Jewelry Pieces

Now to the best part: our favorites!

To help you get ahead, our jewelers have selected a few of our favorite men’s pieces to start your collection.

The Nikolas Men’s Bracelet 

This link bracelet transports us to fantastical kingdoms and their conquerors. Its two-toned emeralds and yellow gold make it the perfect protector against work dragons (aka, your boss) and will make you feel confident in any scenario. The Nikolas Men’s Bracelet pairs perfectly with an emerald earring, like the Braelyn. 

Online Shop Trend Now nikolas_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


Online Shop Trend Now braelyn_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


The Jay Men’s Signet Ring in Black Gold

Need something extravagant to wear to your ex-girlfriend’s wedding? Nothing boosts your authority in a room like a signet ring with a hefty gemstone in center stage. Slip the Jay Men’s Signet Ring with black gold and Ceylon sapphire onto your finger and make your presence felt.

Online Shop Trend Now jay_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


The Conan Cufflinks

If you want to dip your toes into the world of fine jewelry, without taking the full plunge, the Men’s Conan Cufflinks are a great option. They are a subtle and luxurious addition to any dress shirt. Tanzanite is a unique gemstone to feature and is projected to gain value in the coming years. 

Online Shop Trend Now conan_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


The Carly Men’s Ring 

The Carly Men’s Ring is meant to be a show-stopper. That’s why we’ve paired it with rose gold and black diamonds. This ring is dark and masculine, with black diamonds forming a unique pattern around your finger. You can wear it as an everyday ring or for special occasions. Don’t forget to engrave a special message on the thick band. 

Online Shop Trend Now carly_optimized New to Fine Jewelry? The Men’s Guide to Luxury Wear


Getting Started with Men’s Fine Jewelry

Throw out any preconceived notions about men’s jewelry. These pieces are masculine, bold, and make a statement.

If you still don’t know where to start, ask your wife or girlfriend for her thoughts, or request a fine jewelry gift from her for an upcoming birthday or special occasion. 

Draw inspiration from your favorite celebrities or TV shows. 

And let us know how we can support you on your journey to become a fine jewelry aficionado.  

Diana G

I have worked in the jewelry industry for over 15 years. I began my career designing jewelry and then started hand-crafting it myself. Over time, I realized that customers today while customizing their jewelry or picking out an engagement ring, could benefit greatly from the wealth of experience I have in this industry. Today, I love helping customers and in a small way, be a part of their emotional journey (since every jewelry purchase for me is an emotional experience).

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