Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History

Old Is the New New

It’s the 21st century, and life is changing faster than ever. The constant adaptation to new technology and different ways of life is one of the reasons classic vintage styles are making a comeback.

Particularly in the jewelry industry, beautiful filigree designs and three-stone rings bring us a sense of familiarity. They transport us to simpler times, when cell phones and screens consumed less of our time—or none at all.

We’ve been obsessed with vintage engagement rings from the very beginning. Even now, we love the comfort and nostalgia of old memories—and the power jewelry has to create new ones.

If your personal love story is inspired by the generations before you, consider choosing a vintage engagement ring to propel you into the future of your marriage.

To make your shopping easier, we’ve compiled our favorite vintage engagement rings and sorted them by time period.

Close your eyes and imagine everything lovely about subtle romance.

A lock of hair or vintage photograph in a locket, a gift of jeweled hair combs, and elaborate picnics in the park—this is what the Victorian era is remembered for.

The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, so fine jewelry became available to the masses for the first time. This gave people access to the finer things of life—and they often modeled their personal jewelry collections after Queen Victoria’s favorite styles and designs.

Here are some of our personal favorite ring designs inspired by the Victorian era:

A Halo Engagement Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds

Victorian jewelry doesn’t shy away from chunky pieces. The more gemstones, filigree, and movement in the design, the better. The Dania Ring offers dimension and intricate milgrain. Although the sapphire is a stunning choice, consider changing the gemstone to include special meaning in her engagement ring.

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A Motif Butterfly Ring Studded with Diamonds

Motifs in jewelry assign special meaning and they became wildly popular during the Victorian era. The Bernice Ring includes a subtle butterfly design alongside beautiful diamond stones and yellow gold.

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A Vintage Ring Inspired by Nature

Purple is a royal color, so the amethyst grew in popularity during the Victorian era, when the masses began to mimic royal jewelry designs. The Sivan Ring emulates the popular nature-inspired themes of the late 1800s, too.

Online Shop Trend Now sivan_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


Edwardian Era (1901-1910)

The Edwardian age ushered in a new era for jewelry. Typical designs, filled out with bold filigree and milgrain, were traded in for more delicate styles. You’ll notice similarities to the Victorian era, but Edwardian jewelry typically includes more elegant lines and lace-inspired ideas.

If your partner appreciates today’s delicate layered looks, she’ll fall in love with an Edwardian-inspired engagement ring.

An Elegant Emerald Engagement Ring

The Brenna Ring includes an heirloom emerald and is decorated with an elegant platinum band. Pavé diamonds frame the brilliant gemstone—and harken back to Queen Victoria’s fine taste. The gentle filigree and serene design, however, speak to the Edwardian age.

Online Shop Trend Now brenna_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


A Practical and Durable Diamond

The Sherve Ring is virtually indestructible, with a platinum band and VVS quality diamonds. This ring is perfect for someone who uses their hands often and doesn’t want their jewelry to be too over the top. Diamonds were particularly popular during the Edwardian age, but you can customize your ring to include other popular gemstones of the time—like emerald, garnet, aquamarine, and pearl.

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Art Nouveau (1890-1910)

The Art Nouveau movement was characterized by ornate designs and offset gem settings. Creations often featured  “whiplash lines” and were inspired by Japanese floral patterns with light colors. Semi-precious stones like the emerald, sapphire, ruby, and others made a comeback from previous generations.

Her Nature-Inspired Engagement Ring

Tourmaline and airy pastels took center stage during the Art Nouveau movement. Artisans used patterns inspired by nature and unique gemstones. The Astuty Ring shows off the graceful lines characteristic of Art Nouveau complete with soft pink tourmaline.

Online Shop Trend Now astuty_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


Pretty in Pearl

Since pearls come from the ocean and carry an off-white glow, it’s only natural they surfaced as one of the most popular gemstones during the Art Nouveau era. Even today, pearls still carry an illustrious feel to them—and remind us of times gone by. The Kenya Ring in platinum is a unique choice for an engagement ring.

Online Shop Trend Now kenya_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


Art Deco (1920s-1930s)

The Roaring 20s began with booming prosperity and endless parties—all the wonderful things you imagine from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and more. Weekly champagne get-togethers require an elegant sense of fashion, and the 20s don’t disappoint.

Recently, 1920s styles have begun to resurface and may be the most popular vintage trend coming to us in 2022. At Diamondere, we have an entire collection of rings inspired by the Roaring 20s.

A Luxurious Art Deco Engagement Ring

Welcome to the Art Deco era, where wealth is displayed with large jewelry and exquisite gemstones. In 20s inspired pieces, expect to see bold geometric designs, like squares, triangles, and ovals. The Teavan Ring is a wonderful example of Art Deco, while offering an enchanting modern flair with its princess-cut halo style, too.

Online Shop Trend Now teavan_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


The Hexagon Ring in Ceylon Sapphire

Make it Art Deco but add a splash of color. We’ve diverted slightly from the emeralds, diamonds, and regular sapphires popular during the 1920s. The Samina Ring includes all the splendor of the Roaring 20s, but with an extra sparkle of Ceylon sapphire—simply because we love it.

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Hollywood Glamour (1930s-1950s)

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are just a few of the leading ladies who ran away with the Hollywood Glamour era. Their fashion and jewelry choices shaped the trends we now associate with the 1940s and 1950s.

Diamonds, bright yellow gold, and strings of pearls were all hugely popular during this time. Fashion included classic dresses and simple patterns, so jewelry was used to make a statement.

Choose a Custom Stackable Vintage Engagement Ring

Stackable engagement rings were all the rage during the Hollywood Glamour era. Often, these were the most sentimental gifts Hollywood stars received.

The first stackable ring is traditionally gifted for the engagement, with a second ring added on  the wedding day—and more included for future anniversaries. When worn separately, they add a subtle touch to any outfit. Together, the rings are a bold and shimmering statement of adoration.

Try a classic like the Calliope Ring with rubies and diamonds. Or, customize this ring to include the gemstones that mean the most to your romance.

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A Diamond Worthy of Television

Grace Kelly was gifted a second engagement ring that she wore on the set of High Society. This stunning emerald-cut Laurentia Ring mirrors Grace Kelly’s famous engagement ring and, of course, features the timeless diamond.

Online Shop Trend Now laurentia_optimized Top Vintage Engagement Rings Inspired by Iconic Eras of Fashion History


Your Engagement Ring Writes a New Love Story

Vintage engagement ring styles are classics that we love to draw inspiration from today. They provide memories of days gone by and design ideas that help us shape the future.

For many women, a vintage engagement ring will help them to connect to their family—mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers whose stories, love, and dedication make them who they are today.

Give her a gift that begins your new love story—while celebrating the generations before.

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I have worked in the jewelry industry for over 15 years. I began my career designing jewelry and then started hand-crafting it myself. Over time, I realized that customers today while customizing their jewelry or picking out an engagement ring, could benefit greatly from the wealth of experience I have in this industry. Today, I love helping customers and in a small way, be a part of their emotional journey (since every jewelry purchase for me is an emotional experience).

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