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Last year Target had an exclusive DC Multiverse figure from McFarlane Toys for Year Two’s Batman.  This was one of the few comic stories that Todd McFarlane officially worked on back in the 80s, so it was fitting that he would do a figure for it now that his toy company has the DC license.   Unfortunately some logistics issues caused Target to cancel most of the pre-orders for the item, leaving a lot of angry fans.

Fret no more as Todd McFarlane has updated on his personal Facebook page that Target.com will be putting these back up on Friday January 14th.  Both signed and unsigned versions.  Target actually has these in hand, and have some more copies than originally planned. These will not be in store, only available online.

These are the links for those wanting to camp out.

DC Multiverse Batman Year Two – Regular

DC Multiverse Batman Year Two – Signed

We actually got a copy of this early so if you want to check it out before you buy, hit our gallery here.

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