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A new line of Marvel Comics figures has been revealed by Beast Kingdom, as part of their Dynamic 8ction Heroes (DAH) line. The first figure in the line is a Medieval Knight Iron Man 1/9 Scale Figure. The 8″ tall figure has about 19 points of articulation. The figure takes Iron Man, and turns him into a classic style knight in armor. The Iron Man figure includes interchangeable portraits, multiple interchangeable hands, a jet pack with smoke effects, detachable wrist blasters, a spear, a sword and sheath, a shield, effects pieces, two shotguns, and a figure stand. The chest features a light up LED function as well.

Pre-orders should be going live soon. Pricing has not been announced. The Iron Man figure is scheduled for release in the Second Quarter of 2022. Read on for full details and the new photos.

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ has been a proud ambassador of US licensed pop culture collectables for over a decade!
Launching a variety of well received lines, amongst them the DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series has been one of the most exciting, with a highly articulable 1:9 scale action figure ready to be posed by collectors the world over!

The latest DAH line-up is a new take on classic icons of Marvel Super Heroes with the initial release of the Iron Man DAH-046 and DAH-046DX medieval knight cross-over. Combining the technologically advanced Iron Man suit with a noble European medieval knight’s armour, this unique mashup of old and new is an exclusive design from the minds of Beast Kingdom.

Envisioning such a unique new take on a classic character started off with the design-team of Beast Kingdom creating hand-drawn designs of the new Iron Man and knight elements. The sketches were then handed over to the 3D modellers who took the design to the next level by adding the intricate elements of the ‘royal’ red and gold armour, making the character come to life. Finally, after the main figure was created, all the included medieval themed accessories were designed and envisioned with the same design language!

The set recreates and combines a classic design, with engravings, and intricate details of yesteryear, with the modern, aggressive looking Iron Man robotic style suit. A unique aesthetic also passed down to the abundant list of accessories, which includes weapons, effects, and an engraved shield to name a few.

Under Iron Man’s armour, collectors can see real, golden designed chain mail used for the figures suit, just like the original knights wore! An led-light is also there in the same spot of the arc-reactor, this time with intricate detailing on the outside!

A comprehensive set of accessories are at the ready for battle as well. A sword, shield, spear and wrist artilleries look as though they are straight out of the Middle Ages! They match with Iron Man’s signature hand mounted repulsors, energy effects, as well as a set of energy potions and bombs strapped to his waist as issued by Iron Man’s trusty alchemist! Make sure to check out the Deluxe, DAH-046DX version, which in addition to the above accessories also includes a Tony Stark head sculpt, long grass and a jetpack, making this knight ‘out of time’ ready to dominate any battlefield!

A new take on a classic character, this uniquely designed action figure set is for fans of the Iron Man we all love, but with a twist unlike any other. Make sure to order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

DAH-046 Medieval Knight – Iron Man
・DAH designed body, with around 19 points of articulation
・Two replaceable head (Full helmet & Opened helmet with face)
・Built in light-up LED in chest arc-reactor
・Four (4) types of replaceable hands
・Long-sword and sheath
・Two (2) wrist artilleries
・Two (2) lightning special effects

DAH-046DX Medieval Knight – Iron Man Deluxe Version
・Exposed Iron-Man helmet, with Tony Stark head sculpt
・Set of special long grass effects
・Two (2) matchlock firearms (long, short)
・Set of energy special effects (for hands and spear)
・Set of smoke screen effects

Product Measurements:1/9 Approx. 20.5 cm height
Release Date: Q2, 2022(4-6)

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