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Official photos have been released for the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Savage He-Man and Orko 7″ Scale Figure Set. The set is part of the Masters of the Universe Masterverse line up. Savage He-Man goes back to both a promotion from the 80’s, where you would get an unarmored He-Man figure, and the classic mini comics. In those comics, He-Man was a tribal barbarian warrior seeking to protect Eternia. The second part of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which begins November 23rd, will highlight this more primitive He-Man. And for those wondering, it will indeed be Prince Adam behind this powerful version of He-Man. From Mattel:

“For years it was assumed that Prince Adam could only call upon the Power of Grayskull using the Sword of Power, but Adam himself always wondered what would happen if he called upon the power without the sword. We now know the answer: Savage He-Man.

With the full Power of Grayskull unleashed inside him, Adam gains a combination of primal rage and all of the power in the universe – the raw fury, the brutal strength, and the unbridled speed of ten He-Men! But without the Sword of Power to temper these mighty forces, Savage He-Man is all strength with no intellect to control it. The barbarian version of our hero leaves his friends wondering if Adam is truly present within the transformed beast, as he tears through Eternia in an uncontrolled frenzy. Luckily, Adam at his core possesses innate compassion, humility, goodness that rivals the Power of Grayskull itself. Only the Prince of Eternia could wield such Power and be both willing and able to relinquish it once the battle is won.”

The set is scheduled to release at some point in 2022. You can see the new photos after the jump.

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