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This weeks exclusives from the Mego X Topps collaboration are now live. This week features Hammer Horror versions of the Gorgon and The Mummy.  The figures are priced at $19.99 each, and will ship out about 100 days after sales end. You can order at the links below, and see the new photos after the jump.

2021 Topps x Mego – The Gorgon – Hammer

“A Monster With the Power to Turn Living Screaming Flesh Into Stone!” Mego is thrilled to present Hammer Horror’s The Gorgon in all her gruesome glory! The Gorgon slithers her way into the Megoverse for the first time ever in the Classic Mego style!

“A venture into the deepest, starkest realms of the supernatural . . .” the villagers of Vandorf are literally becoming petrified with fear! When the moon is full the Gorgon leaves her lair in search of her next victim … anyone who looks upon her frightful gaze is savagely turned to stone for all of eternity!

Mego and Hammer Horror fans alike can now reenact the Gorgon’s reign of terror with the all-new 8” classically styled action figure! The Gorgon is outfitted with screen accurate attire and sculpting as seen in the 1964 Hammer Horror film. “The Gorgon petrifies the screen with Horror!”

2021 Topps x Mego – The Mummy – Hammer

“Torn from the tomb to terrify the world!” Mego proudly presents Hammer Horror’s The Mummy! The sacred Scroll of Life has brought the terrifying Kharis back to life in the Classic Mego 8” style!

Be warned … do not desecrate the tomb of Ananka or the fatal curse will fall upon you! The mummified high priest of Karnak, Kharis, will hunt down and destroy all those who desecrate the Princess’s final resting place. “Fear Will Freeze You When You Face” … the Mummy!

Sentenced to serve all eternity as the guardian of Princess Ananka’s tomb, the Mummy has returned with the all-new 8” classically styled Mego action figure! Kharis is outfitted with screen accurate attire and sculpting as seen in the 1959 Hammer Horror film. “Its evil look brings MADNESS! Its evil touch KILLS, KILLS, KILLS!”

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