The Toy Chronicle | Are we about to see a Kranky Blind Box Series from Superplastic x Sket One?!

The simple answer it seems is YES! Confirmed by Sket One on Superplastic Marketplace on Facebook a short while ago, Superplastic are about to drop a new blind box series using the awesome Kranky platform by Sket One!

Kranky have been a real ace platform for Superplastic over the last 18 or so months. from the 8inch Kranky series, Kali Kolor series, Uber Kranky, and then you have the 3.5inch Kranky in Janky S3 series PLUS the H&G Kranky that is rare as rocking horse shit! Now we are about to see a multi-artist blind box series AND WE CANNOT WAIT!

As part of a teaser to their evening with NTWRK tonight, Superplastic dropped a teaser video an included the following stills within said video. You can check them out below.

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