The Toy Chronicle | Mothership Toy Gallery Presents Strohmeyer Forbes Show with Ricstroh x Jfo

There’s a huge light at the end of summer! Two guys who specialize in lighting and lighting effects have joined forces. If you follow Jason Forbes or Rick Strohmeyer on Instagram then surely you’re seen such cryptic messages like:

“refresh my booster”

“Homer’s frosty beers”

 “reset from her boys’”

 or the ever-popular “bothersome fryers.”

WARNING VISUAL OVERLOAD incoming! Rick Strohmeyer or the cool kids call him Ricstroh, Stylistically Rick has utilized his repertoire of bright colours with slick transitions. His move towards lighting effects and directional blacklight effects! Jason Forbes hitting your retinas with original light art sculptures all the way to custom platforms like TEQ and Siren!

The reveal is now- 

Forbes and Strohmeyer are teaming up for a show at the Mothership Toy Gallery this August 21-28, 2021. There will be a healthy combination of one-offs and edition pieces available. Platforms customized include: Teq 63, Song of the Siren, Mad Can Mutants, Ravagers, Master 9 Eyes, George’s Halloween Portrait and more! Word on the street is that both Strohmeyer and Forbes are making the trek to usher in the show on the 21st.

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