The Toy Chronicle | SICKEMIL Emilio Subirá’s Grabby Monster

You’ve heard the phrase, “Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening” right? well, our resin-Mistro, Emilio Subirá strikes our humorous bone with “Grabby Monster”. After 2019 smash hit Kermit the hand Handsome Kermit needed a buddy and Emilio has done just that! Bizarre it may be, but that’s the beauty we see in Emilio Subirá creations as he presents Grabby Monster, Cookies not needed just a handshake will do, Ha. The hand-head family grows with this new member. Grabby is a blue monster who likes to grab cookies with his cold bare hand/mouth, he has some issues with this addiction. Sesame street will never be the same again now we have seen Emilio Subirá’s Grabby Monster.

Online Shop Trend Now SICKEMIL-Emilio-Subirás-Grabby-Monster-The-Toy-Chronicle-cookie-monster-Grabby-monster-group-2-X The Toy Chronicle | SICKEMIL Emilio Subirá’s Grabby Monster
Emilio Subirá’s Grabby Monster

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