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Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest barrelled through the community like a tornado last Friday, giving us 6+ solid hours of reveals and pre-orders from multiple brands (see our coverage here / TF / Joe / PR).  The Marvel Legends team of Ryan, Dwight, and Dan were kind enough to sit down for a zoom chat with us yesterday to kind of digest it all and chat Marvel Legends.  We covered things from Fan Fest and even deviated into some more general talk.  Read on to check out a recap of the chat after the break! chat with the Marvel Legends team of Ryan, Dwight and Dan.

Some primer points – this is not a verbatim transcription.  In terms of Marvel Legends – I am not as hardcore as many of our readers.  I dig Spidey, MCU, core heroes and villains.  So deep roster stuff on the toy and character angles is not a place I will usually go in interviews etc.

Started off with some base line questions focused on Fan Fest themes.  At this point I think we all know they can’t and won’t straight up say NEW THING COMING ON DATE X during chats like these, so didn’t try to (really) go there.

Haslab – will it be TALL or LONG.

Chuckles.  Gave the general stay tuned responses.  Asked what I thought it was (going with Galactus).  They said they’ve been reading the fan comments, things like Galactus, a Fantasti Car, the Baxter Building. a Sentinel sized Mr. Fantastic, etc. Nothing concrete even close to it being relayed.  2021 is the 60th Anniversary of the Fantastic Four though, so things are going to pop off.  Asked me how many Sentinels I got.  I told them none and they almost shut the chat down (jokingly) (I think).  I had some issues around closing time and missed it, don’t hate me.

Haslab – Time Frame

Dan has been clarifying on social – prepare yourselves.  And wallets.  No direct time frame has been announced, but it is coming and they want folks to have some time to prepare.  The Sentinel is due to start shipping around August, and they will NOT be waiting for that to start or finish shipping before updating on the next Haslab.  So we should have an idea or launched project by July/August (my assumption there).

Battle Bro Thor – can you go back in time and make me have that in my hands now?

General response was very similar to the discussion during Fan Fest.  Sometimes waiting can be a good thing.  Details present here may not have been available to them if they worked on it before the movie came out.  I just relayed that this was one of my MCU most wanted and was happy it’s coming.

How aggressive are you guys moving to pinless now that you’ve tried it out on a couple figures?

Trying to work it in whenever it fits.  Recent female comic figure reveals are getting it (Domino and Riri).  They need to plan out when and how it’s used because it requires upper and lower parts to work in tandem.  Parts swapping as we knew it before becomes more difficult.  We’ve heard this explanation and it was re-clarified here.  General sense is that those experiments early on worked and that they are moving ahead with the technology as it fits.

At this point my generic questions were done and we still had some time so we went into general back and forth.  I asked if they had anything to relay about Spidey or MCU themes – go for it.

MCU Figures

MCU will still be big in 2021. has been updating with reveals for the Disney+ shows so the rollout is a bit different.  They have been dealing with the delays to movies etc due to COVID like everyone else but things are getting back on track and the second half of the year should be busy for MCU.  Wandavision, Falcon Winter Soldier and Loki were all mentioned here in causal passing.

What am I looking for…

Here is where my non-hardcore status comes in.  I like pretty vanilla stuff when it comes to Marvel.  MCU, core Spidey with a little dip into the crazy side here and there, and core comic verse.  I relayed I’d dig more Spiderverse.  Some alt takes on Miles.  Maybe an updated one with some soft goods (I know, not normal for ML).  Maybe do Kingpin as a Haslab (joke).

Ryan then quizzed me if I’d prefer another dip into Spiderverse or the PS5 Miles game.  At that point I was like yeah, PS5.   Said  how I didn’t think the PS4 figure really nailed it, was good but not “it”.  If they go PS5 (which really, how could they not), key would be matching likeness and capturing that sleekness.  Then went into the suits, lots of good ones there.  Can do a whole wave of just Miles suits.  The 2020 suit was discussed, they said – how can you do it and have it not light up.  Then discussion veered into tiny LEDS.  They then said – but the battery might require no ab cut.  I said that’s your job. :).  But yeah, all that’s on their radar for sure.

Their quizzing of me doesn’t mean they will /won’t do anything, or that they can /can’t do anything we spoke about.   Assume it’s all friendly banter on that front.  I’d put some money on Miles PS5 figs tho.

And that was about it.  I’d like to thank the Legends and PR teams for hooking this up, it’s always nice to be able to connect with the folks making all this stuff we cover, buy, collect, hoard.    Stay tuned, should be another busy year for Marvel Legends.

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